Mind map for writing a story

Starting out I start with general ideas and get more and more specific as my story develops. There are so many other possibilities and you are only limited only by your imagination.

Why would she adopt a dog suddenly? I like to use arrows to reinforce particularly important connections. You can save your diagram as a FreeMind file, or export it as an.

Mind Mapping for Writers – How to Mind Map a Story or Article

It will take you only a few hours to play around with FreeMind and see what it can do. Subscribe by going to the Publication Coach. With mind mapping, I get the big picture idea for my story, I have random details and an understanding for how each fits with the others—I have the map to guide me through the forest.

Everything is fair game! When you create an outline for your story, you have one outline.

How I use a mind map to build stories

To learn more about more about mind mapping, read how to create a character web for fiction writers. The main mind-map - overall view: There are plenty of mind mapping software options to choose from some paid, some free, depending on the features you want or you can freehand with different colored markers and a large sheet of paper or white board.

What will I choose not to show? My brain is always two steps ahead, calculating how to go from here to there, anticipating roadblocks and thinking through potential detours.

If you have an overall concept of what you are writing each time you sit down to write, then that should help you swat away the tendrils of TMI and keep you focused.

I referred to those pictures when I wrote the scenes that took place there. Maybe you start with individual words or couple of words. I label these nodes like this because when I have an idea it involves at least one of these story elements.

I fill in all the elements of the scene that I know. But, then one day I was foiled after spending 90 frustrating minutes trying to write one of these difficult little pieces.

I created six main nodes: I never fully know the end until I get there. Here are a couple of pointers that have worked for this non-linear thinker.See this good “Write for Your Life” blog post for tips on regulating mind mapping to build your story. iThoughts is, in my opinion, a best mind [ ] Reply Anonymous says.

The idea behind a mind mapping session is not to detail the story plan but to empty your brain of details for the story.

Mind Mapping: A Pantser’s Path to the Perfect Story

Order doesn’t matter. Whatever comes to mind, whenever it comes to mind, put it down. A Guide to Storytelling with Mind Maps. Business; Begin and end your story. When I’m writing an article or blog post, I always leave the intro and conclusion for last.

Introducing a story and wrapping it up can be the toughest part of writing. Free mind map templates and examples for writers. See how mind mapping can help experienced and aspiring writers!

Mind maps cover sources of writing inspiration, overcoming writer's block, blog planning, writing a novel, and literary reviews! Have you created a mind map when writing a story or article? I welcome your comments below Daphne Gray-Grant is a writing and editing coach and the author of the popular book 8½ Steps to Writing Faster, Better.

Write a 2 or 3 sentence synopsis of the story you intend to write: Jot down your ideas for your introduction: Jot down your ideas for the body of your story: Jot down your ideas for your conclusion: MIND MAPS, ORGANISERS & PLANNERS FOR WRITING MIND MAPS, ORGANISERS & PLANNERS FOR WRITING MIND MAPS, ORGANISERS & PLANNERS FOR WRITING.

Mind map for writing a story
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