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Iran has announced that it is working on several research sites containing to Uranium mines and processing facilities. But eh concern over proliferation continues ands understandable in the post-Cold wear era.

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The goal of the NSG was to prevent exports of commercial and civilian nuclear and dual-use technologies from being diverted to the weapons programs of other countries. It puts rest of world in a constant danger from the five nuclear weapon states. Another non-signatory Cuba is not supposed to possess nuclear weapons.

Such a country, who is not supposed to develop a nuclear program, could lead to a possible shift of the balance of Essay on nuclear non-proliferation and increase the risk of conflicts leading to the nuclear escalation.

It is up to all states to ensure that the hard-fought consensus of the review conference does not become meaningless through a lack of implementation.

This has led the non-nuclear-weapon-state majority to become less willing to agree to further measures that would strengthen the treaty and the nonproliferation regime.

Nuclear non-proliferation treaty

Pressure has been mounting on India to sign this treaty or risk denial of vital foreign aid. And India developed its nuclear technology in isolation. If this treaty is placed into effect, then it will help create the necessary negotiations in drafting a fissile material cut off treaty.

These areas under the Nuclear Weapon Free Zone include: The United States through the United Nations from to imposed tough sanctions on Iran and North Korea for adopting the nuclear path.

It claimed that it was withdrawing because it had energy needs and it publicly carried out nuclear weapons Essay on nuclear non-proliferation.

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In this backdrop, review conference of NPT was considered to be a hard bargain but it is worth noticing that members reached consensus and came out successfully with a final document which means that world is serious about making the earth free of nuclear weapons.

While India fully believes in the importance of non-proliferation, it hesitates to sign the NPT as the latter does not appear to be an effective guarantee against Essay on nuclear non-proliferation. So there was a race between nations to acquire nuclear weapons; nuclear non—Proliferation Treaty NPT was devised as a full stop to that treaty.

In current scenario a CTB will not make a great difference. Nevertheless, New Delhi did not stop its nuclear weapons programs. A conference is to be held, as per treaty provisions, in to decide on one of the three options for extension of the NPT-indefinitely, for a fixed period, or periods.

However, no such deal was signed with Pakistan because the USA felt that it did not have such high energy requirements and that it was one of the nuclear proliferators. The demonstration from a country of its nuclear capabilities would continue to discredit the current non proliferation treaty.

Essay writing is a tool to test MBA aspirant on assessing overall communication and personality so it is also equally important and crucial component of MBA selection process. Portugal does not posses any weapons of mass destruction.

It is against this background that the future of NPT, as it approachesneeds to be seen. In that context, what could be the manifestations of such a race for arming or re-arming?

Kazakhstan with the largest arsenal has shown a willingness to sign the NPT and destroy all nuclear weapons by Under the NPT countries like North Korea that did not have nuclear weapons had agreed not to develop nuclear weapons nor would they endeavor to procure nuclear weapons.

Their actions to fulfill these obligations will be measured, and they will be held accountable. Yet the deal does not provide the guarantee the Clinton Government desires-that North Korea will open its nuclear facilities to international scrutiny.

The United States is keen to prevent the nuclearisation of South Asia. US intelligence reports have confirmed that China has been passing M missile technology to Pakistan.

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A case in study is North Korea. US intelligence reports have already indicated North Korea as a major supplier of missiles to developing countries. Intense pressure was exerted on him to sign this treaty, when he visited Washington in May After their nuclear tests in there were economic sanctions that were approved against India and Pakistan but the sanctions were abandoned.

However, the March deal that the USA signed with India that is developing nuclear weapons and its attitude with Israel gives legitimacy to the actions taken by North Korea. And hence the great emphasis on stopping horizontal spread to states beyond the five nuclear weapon states of the period.

What remains to be seen is whether their action matches their commitments? Members of the CIS undertook to respect the obligations of the former Soviet Union and follow a multilateral policy towards disarmament at an agreement signed at Minsk in December It is for the enlightened leaders of the international community to decide how the tackle the nuclear menace effectively and evolve an arrangement that would he equitable and free of discrimination on any ground-race, color, economic or military status and political complexion.

Portugal notes the world has also experienced a proliferation of regional conflicts and armed hostilities and witnessed a trend leading to the spread and destabilizing accumulation of sophisticated weapons including weapons of mass destruction WMD and their means of delivery.

Of the three India and Pakistan have carried out nuclear tests and the Israeli Prime Minister has indirectly indicated that his country has nuclear weapons.

The Nuclear Proliferation

However, the North Korean officials insisted that the withdrawal was effective immediately.Free Essays; Essay Nuclear Proliferation; Essay Nuclear Proliferation.

Words 12 Pages. Inin the result of nuclear bombs crashed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a requirement for non-proliferation of nuclear weapons appeared based on their frightening critical power. The U.S, Canada, and. It has been observed by experts that the further increase in number of nuclear-weapon states or any further elaboration of existing nuclear arsenals would lead to greater instability in the world at large.

Additional nuclear powers could accentuate regional tensions and the dangers of nuclear war breaking out through accident or. words essay on the concept of Nuclear Non-Proliferation. The proliferation of well-funded and sophisticated terrorist groups worldwide has lent certain urgency to the question of the future of the nuclear stockpile in Central Asia.

Nuclear Proliferation Essay. Kim Jon II Seeking to Expand Nuclear Proliferation. Nuclear Non-Proliferation within the International Arena: An assessment on major solutions from both a realist and liberal perspective As defined by Christoph Bluth from the Political Studies Association, the proliferation of nuclear weapons is “widely.

India has not signed the NPT on plea that it is discriminatory in nature. India supports the full nuclear disarmament of globe where as NPT on one hand allows the accumulation of nuclear weapons by five countries and the rest of the world is not allowed to have nuclear weapons. Treaty On The Non Proliferation Of Nuclear Weapons Politics Essay.

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Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Treaty on the Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. the nuclear non-proliferation treaty has led to an alliance between the world powers and many developing nations.

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