A study on the controversial and mysterious vinland map

He then got up and walked towards the Texas School Book Depository. During the Zapruder film, the dark-skinned man is witnessed making sudden movements toward JFK at frame However, the depiction of Norway is wildly inaccurate.

Science, Myth & Mystery: The Vinland Map Saga

However, with time, new scientific advances would help to clarify exactly when the map was created. For example, if you compare it to the Gough map or the Hereford map the forgery is obvious. Performance of a comparative study of the worm holes in the Vinland Map, Speculum Historiale and Tartar Relation and their match.

If you want to make that argument, do so in the body of the piece, not in the lede. In relation to earlier statements that the wormholes pattern of the Vinland Map may be linked to the Yale Speculum Historiale, in front of which it may have been placed, A study on the controversial and mysterious vinland map add that we are able find a similar pattern on a photo of the bookbinding board of the book.

Diablo, where people have discovered a strange stone circle that is 30 feet 9. The North Atlantic Saga" But I do think this Wikipedia article should give appropriate weight to his findings and those of his team - they are a serious academic source.

If it was forged, who could have forged a work of such complexity? Many historians feel that the map might be a copy of one developed by Italian mariner Andrea Bianco in the s.

Why was the reaction to it so strong? Traces of the Past; Pegasus Books: Firstly, it depicts the three continents that were known during the 15th Century — Europe, Asia and Africa.

Is This Proof Someone Discovered America Before Columbus?

Kirsten Seaver notes how the map depicts the Vikings as believers in Christ. The cartographic style of the map is to "close" land - if only one coast is known the other is guessed at.

For practical purposes, Arctic sea ice may have made this description true, and Greenland is not known to have been successfully circumnavigated until the 20th century. Now inSigurdur Stefansson did use the information, recorded in the Sagas, to map, as shown, the region including England, Ireland and the North Atlantic The end result is crude, schematic, hypothetical and bears no relationship to the true geography of the region.

This trait is not evident in manuscripts produced with carbon-based inks, which are inherently more stable than iron gallotannates. Also, this is when Leif Erikson was alive.

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Although the inks used for the Tartar Relation are entirely appropriate for the period of its construction, one of those used to draw the Vinland Map is not. The unstippled area at the northern tip represents land not surveyed until after Anatase and plain parchment from the Vinland Map; solid line, anatase in yellow line; dotted line, plain parchment.

At the same time, the western United States and parts of Canada experienced some severe cold weather patterns. With what accuracy could detailed geography have been encoded in speech and transmitted from generation to generation? The mistake has only fueled conspiracy theorists who claim the moonwalk was staged.

In the last 30 years, humans have made some incredible scientific advancement in the area of archeology, astronomy, computer technology, radar, physics, chemistry, biology, and statistics. The bizarre weather patterns have caused some to revisit the Mayan apocalyptic theory.

How could Vinland have been mapped in such detail on the Vinland Map? And to this day, no definitive answer has been agreed upon regarding the nature of the ink.

The book was published, and the Map revealed to the world, the day before Columbus Day Ed Fitzgerald unfutz This article will examine ten strange topics that need a bit more explanation by world governments. It was not found elsewhere on the surface, as would be expected if its presence were to be attributed to outside contamination from, for example, dust from white ceiling paint, which might conceivably contain just detectable quantities of anatase.

So where had the Map come from? They also confirmed that the ink contained only trace amounts of iron, and that the black line remnants were on top of the yellow, indicating that they were not the remains of a penciled guide-line, as the British Museum staff had speculated.

Finally our preliminary palaeographic study of the texts of Vinland Map and the Tartar Relation shows a convincing similarity between the style of the letters and how these are combined in the individual words supporting the possible link between these.

The Tartar Relation of the 15th century consists of a previously unknown account of the expedition of Friar John de Plano Carpini to the Mongols in The Vinland Map remains an enigma. But theories suggest that Europeans landed on American soil nearly half a millennium before that… Meet Columbus The mainstream opinion for hundreds of years has been that Christopher Columbus had originally hoped to find the Indies.

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The results resolve some of the discrepancies relating to the conclusions previously drawn about the date of the VM and provide new information on the Tartar Relation. Butternuts were apparently a popular food for the Vikings. On the other hand, at the International Conference on the History of Cartography in JulyLarsen revealed that his team had continued their investigation after publishing their original report, and he told the press that "All the tests that we have done over the past five years — on the materials and other aspects — do not show any signs of forgery".When it was first unveiled by Yale University inthe Vinland Map immediately became one of the most valuable and controversial documents in the world.

This parchment map was dated by Yale to aboutan incendiary claim as the map depicts at its far western edge Vinland, the mysterious land discovered by explorer Leif. Yale putting high-tech tests to its controversial Vinland Map.

By Mike Cummings. February 28, according to a study. Wormholes in the parchment align with wormholes in the companion volumes. Mysterious Voynich Manuscript reborn in facsimile edition; The Vikings: Yale historian looks at the myths vs. the history. Historical Evidence.

The history of the Vinland Map is a story of mystery, controversy and intrigue, involving large sums of money. (Currently, the Map is insured for $25M.). Kyle Bartsch The Vinland Map: The Controversy Continues -Abstract-The Vinland Map is believed to predate Christopher Columbus’ expedition by.

After years of study, the proofs of the book, The Vinland Map and the Tartar Relation, [1] were ready by the end ofand Mellon donated the Map to Yale.

Mystic Seaport: The Vinland Map

The book was published, and the Map revealed to the world, the day before Columbus Day, After years of study, the proofs of the book, The Vinland Map and the Tartar Relation, were ready by the end ofand Mellon donated the map to Yale. The book was published, Yale News, ″Yale putting high-tech tests to its controversial Vinland Map.

A study on the controversial and mysterious vinland map
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